A Look at Proactive for Acne

Proactive is one of the most commonly used medications for acne. It is manufactured by Guthy-Renker and is available with a prescription. The product is available in a lotion or a gel is used to clear both existing acne and prevent future acne by clearing the pores and working deep within the surface of the skin.

How does Proactive work?

Proactive is a retinoid acne treatment that works by reducing the amount of sebum production in the oil glands. Sebum is the natural oil glands needed to lubricate and nourish the skin, however when too much of it is produced, the pores clog and acne can result.

Individuals suffering with mild to moderate acne will find themselves benefiting from the use of Proactive. While most people can safely use the product, those with sensitive skin may find it too harsh on their skin.

How To Use Proactive

Those who use Proactive will apply the ointment directly to their skin using the fingertips. Using the acne treatment is easy, fast and simple so that it does not require a ton of time or effort to use.

It should be used directly as prescribed by the doctor, as using too much or too little could be harmful. Usual treatment of Proactive offers a two to three-time per day use.

Proactive is prescribed for both adults and teens, and is usually offered as a treatment when other measures have failed to provide results, such as OTC medications. Your doctor will determine if you can benefit with the use of the product.

Side Effects Possible

Possible side effects with the use of Proactive include itching, redness, swelling, blistering of the skin, peeling skin and a burning sensation on the skin. Should you experience any of these side effects it is important to notify the doctor.

Is Proactive Right For You?

Since Proactive is available only with a prescription, you will need to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the possibility of using Proactive to treat the condition. It is much safer than many other acne treatments, and works just as well, providing fast results and clearer skin in a matter of a few short weeks.

For most people Proactive is a great product that really works! But this is something that only you and your doctor can decide. Make that appointment and you could change your life in a few weeks.